Ruud Baan

Judeska Airlines

Jandino Asporaat
Thu 1 Jun ’23 20:00
A brand new hilarious farce
Thu 1 Jun ’23

After four successful films and two sold-out theater tours, Judeska is back!

After Judeska is fired for the umpteenth time, the employment agency gives her one more chance. She is allowed to work as a flight attendant. Judeska immediately likes it. Long journeys, expensive hotels and drinking cocktails in swimming pools. In other words: glamour. But to her dismay, that is not the case, because she remains on the ground. She becomes a ground stewardess. In the midst of all the hectic and chaos, everyone is looking for happiness. It's a good thing Ground Stewardess Judeska is there to point them in the right direction. Or maybe not?