Festival Urban Dansdagen

Festival Urban Dansdagen takes place for the fifth time this year in Eindhoven. During the festival, you will be introduced to urban dance in various forms: from battles to performances, showcases, workshops and parties. From breaking to Hip Hop, from Popping to House, and from Streetdance to Experimental, all urban dance styles will be featured.

From April 28th to May 14th, the various showcases of the Urban Dansdagen Festival can be visited at Parktheater Eindhoven, Dynamo, Natlab and Pand P. This year's theme is “Step Closer”. You are invited to come closer to the dancers as an audience, to see new artists and styles.


Make your choice from the Urban Dansdagen Festival program. Ticket sales start on February 14th (early-bird tickets).

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The Open Your Mind Festival, taking place from April 28th to 30th, consists of battles, parties and a theater evening with short choreographies.

The festival is a unique event with participants and visitors from all over the world. Through energetic and interactive competitions, the best and most creative dancers will be recognized by the professional jury. The audience will also play an important role: you choose your favorite dancers and come up with challenges for the participants. This festival has been organized by Sample Culture since 2013.

The festival consists of a B-Day Party, Battle-day, a Stage-day and an after-party.

De organisatie van Open Your Mind is in handen van Sample Culture.  Deze organisatie geeft een podium aan urban dansmakers en ondersteunt hun ontwikkeling. Ze organiseert sinds 2013 Open Your Mind en nam in 2020 de organistie van de Urban Dansdagen over. André Grekhov is artistiek leider. Hij is sinds 1997 actief als Urban Danser en heeft 10 jaar bij Dynamo Eindhoven gewerkt aan sociaal culturele projecten op het gebied van urban culture. Voor deze projecten heeft hij onder andere de Oranje Fonds en Fonds Cultuur Participatie awards gewonnen. Als danser is hij in 2012 gekroond tot wereld kampioen in het categorie Experimental Hip Hop. Als maker in de urban dans heeft hij in 2013 de Dans Prijs gewonnen van het Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds.

Ambassadors Urban Dansdagen 2023


Paulo Nunes 
Is a pioneer in the original hip-hop style Breaking also known as Breakdance. This Rotterdam legend has been active in battles, workshops and theatre since the 1980s. He is the Netherlands' first breaking world champion and is one of the great game changers and pioneers of this style in Europe. With Urban Dance Days, we take a "step closer" to the early years and life as a young budding breaker in the 80s.

Simon Bus 
Is a creator and dancer with roots in breaking and experimental dance. In the battle scene, he managed to stand out with his extreme agility and originality, which earned him the Bboy name Statue. He is currently developing his own path as a theatre maker. In his young career as a creator, Simon has distinguished himself as original and visionary. In 2022, he won the Dutch Dance Days' Innovation Award.  With Urban Dance Days, we take a "step closer" into Simon's unorthodox vision and idiosyncratic view of art.

Dalton Jansen
Dancer and choreographer Dalton Jansen graduated from the Urban Contemporary (JMD) course in Amsterdam in 2018. Dalton is working tirelessly both to develop his own cross-disciplinary dance idiom and to set up his own company Blackbirds. Dalton is a young visionary who is not afraid to comment firmly on the arts sector and social issues, especially his experience with and views on youth care. Dalton's roots are in various hip-hop styles which he combines with modern dance. With Urban Dance Days, we take a "step closer" into Dalton's visionary approach to the concept of making and collectivity in art. 

Senna Amarnis 
Senna Amarnis is a Moroccan professional choreographer, dancer and artistic coach, born and raised in the Netherlands. She has participated in several television shows such as So You Think You Can Dance, World of Dance and Time to dance. Besides choreographing, Senna has worked on and performed in the Love Yourself world tour with the K-pop band BTS. She is an internationally sought-after judge and teacher. Her innovative style is a combination is storytelling combined with intricate shape-shifting movements.