Theaterinnovatie 10.0

Parktheater is constantly investigating the future of theater, this is called: thinX (theater innovation 10.0).  

thinX consists of:

  • supporting new theater-makers in their development and in acquiring an audience
  • making optimal use of theater for several  groups in the community
  • connecting generations
  • transferring knowledge

Young makers

Imagine: you have a great talent for dance or theater making. You are well trained, you have discovered or are discovering your own style. Through thinX (theater innovation 10.0), Parktheater makes further development possible for young makers, either in the Parktheater, Pand P or elsewhere, on their way to independence. For example by finding an audience, for support and advice in the field of technology, finance or publicity.
The performance by the young makers will premiere in the Parktheater or in Pand P.

Parktheater supports the new makers Irene Geurts, Simon Bus, Stephan Velema and Anne van der Steen, as well as Suheyla Yalcin and Munganyende Helene Christelle.

Maak kennis met de makers 

Voorstellingen thinX

thinX-makers van de afgelopen 10 jaar

Met trots kijken we terug op de afgelopen jaren waarin we al veel theatermakers hebben ondersteund, zoals:
Andre Grekhov | Inge Wannet | Jeroens Clan | Marcel Osterop | Kim Leeuw | Leon van der Zanden | Oscar de Boer | Comedy Academy | Leonie van Andel | Lisah Baert | Anne van der Steen | Hanna van Mourik Broekman | Michele Rijzewijk | Simon Bus | Irene Geurts | Stephan Cornelus Velema | Suheyla Yalcin Munganyende | Helene Christelle | Ilse Oostvogels.