Wonka Comedy Festival

Stand-up Comedy from all over the world

After a successful first edition, a sequel was inevitable. From Thursday, May 23 until Saturday, June 1, the second edition of the Wonka Comedy Festival will take place for all inhabitants of the Brainport region and beyond. With this year again comedy in all shapes and sizes, from ten different countries and on top of that even six different languages. There will be performances by comedians in Dutch, English, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian and Arabic.

This festival is the result of a successful collaboration between the 5 Wonka Podia in the South-East Brabant region: Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard, Kattendans Bergeijk, Parktheater Eindhoven, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, and Het Speelhuis Helmond. The festive festival will once again be filled with regional, national, and international comedy acts. The venues are proud to present this Comedy Festival again to the (Brainport) region and look forward to welcoming comedy enthusiasts and genre explorers into their venues. Young, old, of any nationality or background.

Stand-up comedy from all over the world

Stand-up from the Netherlands, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Iceland, India, Lebanon, Canada, Greece, and Syria. The language of laughter is spoken everywhere. Many performances in the Parktheater program are in English and Dutch, but we also have a number of shows in their original language such as Turkish, Polish, and Arabic.

Wonka Comedy Festival presents

Parktheater will host the following performances during the Wonka Comedy Festival:

See the full programme at wonkacomedyfestival.com

The Wonka Podia are:

Kattendans Bergeijk, Theater de Hofnar Valkenswaard, Theater de Schalm Veldhoven, De Cacaofabriek, Het Speelhuis Helmond, Parktheater Eindhoven.