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  • Raw are the roots

    Nederlands Dans Theater
    Sun 28 May ’23

    Raw are the roots presents two special world premieres by internationally acclaimed artists Felix Landerer, and choreographer duo Sharon Eyal & Gai Behar. These NDT 1 dancers showcase their unique voices within the repertoire.


    Ellen ten Damme
    Mon 29 May ’23

    The Netherlands' most versatile singer presents a tragédie lyrique that goes further than ever back in time and yet is completely contemporary.

  • Geschiedenis: eerste hulp bij ongelukken

    Beatrice de Graaf
    Tue 30 May ’23

    From the Ukraine war and the pandemic to our own housing and nitrogen crisis, the greatest challenges of our time are leaving our politicians insecure and paralyzed. But how did we do this before? There were also epidemics, refugee crises and natural disasters before, but then without vaccines, security regions and delta works.

  • Gaafland

    Parktheater Eindhoven en Het Nationale Theater
    Thu 1 Jun ’23

    Het Nationale Theater en Parktheater Eindhoven vragen zich in de aanloop naar de première van Laagland af hoe de samenwerking tussen burgers en politici in werkelijkheid eigenlijk verloopt. Gaafland is een theatrale avond over burgerparticipatie.

  • Judeska Airlines

    Jandino Asporaat
    Thu 1 Jun ’23

    After four successful films and two sold-out theater tours, Judeska is back!

  • No Happily Ever After

    Moord in het Parktheater
    Fri 2 Jun ’23
    Sat 3 Jun ’23

    Are you good at solving puzzles and deciphering codes? Can you think logically? Then you could solve the Moord in het Parktheater (Murder in the Parktheater).

  • Onbekend Terrein

    Theo Maassen
    Extra voorstellingen 2 t/m 5 juni 2023
    Fri 2 Jun ’23
    Mon 5 Jun ’23

    Every moment is a new moment, and every step we take is a step that has never been taken before. A step into unknown territory. In this one man show at the Parktheater, Theo Maassen enters territory he has never entered before.

  • Laagland

    Het Nationale Theater
    Wed 7 Jun ’23
    Sat 10 Jun ’23
    A green comedy with a black edge

    In a small community surrounded by greenery, the peace and quiet is rudely disrupted when the local recreational lake is designated as a destination for climate-neutral water homes.


    Theaterkoor Nutsz
    Fri 9 Jun ’23
    Sat 10 Jun ’23

    The wildly popular Nutsz is now presenting its ninth major musical show. This year, once again, with us at the Parktheater. Your ears and eyes will be delighted with this special show full of delightful moments.

  • Onze man bij de Taliban

    Thomas Erdbrink
    Mon 12 Jun ’23

    In 2021, the Americans and their allies are leaving Afghanistan in a hurry.  While everyone is leaving the country, Thomas Erdbrink decides to go to Kabul for his new docuseries Onze man bij de Taliban. And here’s where the story begins.

  • HubClub

    Tue 13 Jun ’23

    The Introdans HubClub is a showcase of irresistibly attractive inclusive dance art.

  • Cabarestafette

    Thu 15 Jun ’23

    An evening at Cabarestafette is the ideal place to spot young talent. In one fell swoop, you will make up for lost cabaret seasons.

  • Burgercollectieven en overheid: Genoeg geëxperimenteerd?!

    Fri 16 Jun ’23

    Burgers krijgen van lokale overheden steeds vaker de ruimte om met hun collectief (in energie, zorg, voeding, wonen…) te experimenteren en uit te zoeken wat mogelijk is. Inmiddels zijn er in Nederland al zoveel burgercollectieven in zowat alle sectoren, dat we ons kunnen afvragen: is er niet al genoeg geëxperimenteerd? Is het niet tijd dat al dat experimenteren ook eens gaat leiden tot het aanvaarden van deze andere manier van organiseren? Is het geen tijd om de rol die burgers daar vrijwillig in opnemen ook te gaan erkennen als waardevol voor de hele samenleving? 

  • Dorian

    Het Nationale Ballet & ISH Dance Collective
    Fri 16 Jun ’23

    Meisner and Gerris allow different dance styles to merge surprisingly into a vibrant mix of hip-hop and ballet.

  • Saman Amini’s Integratieplan

    Black Sheep Can Fly
    Fri 16 Jun ’23

    In a hilarious, intimate and at times painful way, Saman Amini explains how we interact with each other in this multicultural society.