Waste me

Maas Theater en Dans | Cecilia Moisio Company
Wed 26 Mar ’25 20:30 - 21:35
Confrontatie met de harde werkelijkheid
Wed 26 Mar ’25
20:30 - 21:35

Welcome to the backside of the throwaway society. Six performers emerge from a large mountain of waste. They throw things, garbage and each other away. They become stuff, the stuff is their life. 

Factory movements and herd behavior alternate. Is it Utopia? Did they ended up in hell? They are waiting for something, a redemption, a new world. Can they break free from this self-made prison?

Waste Me is a dance performance on location by choreographer and theater maker Cecilia Moisio, a strong commentary on the consumer society that has gotten out of hand and the desire to have more and more. But also a firm plea for less consumption.

Sometimes it seems as if all that waste dissolves on its own and we forget that the earth is warming. It's happening somewhere out there, far away from us and it doesn't affect us. Not yet…

Cecilia confronts you with the harsh reality, but also takes you to a world where people are more valuable than things, where happiness is more important than possessions. To the real Utopia…
Waste Me is a mix of dance, theatre, trash art and live music, performed on a special location.


Concept, regie, choreografie Cecilia Moisio Met Yulia Kalinchenko, Serano Pinas, Bianca Casaburi, Katarzyna Sitarz Live muziek Marlon Penn

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