De onzichtbare man

Theater Artemis
Sat 25 Feb ’23 15:00 - 16:05
Playing hide and seek on a philosophical level
Sat 25 Feb ’23
15:00 - 16:05
  • Sat 25 Feb ’23
    15:00 - 16:05

De onzichtbare man is about everything you don't see. And secretly also about how nice it is not to be seen.

Two performers, a theater technician and a musician are waiting for the start of their performance. Everything is there, but where is the audience? Soon more things become uncertain. Because who is playing that piano? Whose is the coffee cup floating in the air? And which ghost has run off with the extension cord? Are they actually even there themselves? And are you able to see that, or do you just have to believe it?

The performance was nominated for the VSCD Mime Prize and Gouden Krekel and was selected for Het Theaterfestival.

  • Excludes beverage

"Het daverende applaus is terecht" ★★★★

De Volkskrant


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