Boer Boris is de baas

Prentenboekjesfestival - Klein Amsterdam Producties
Sun 5 Feb ’23
Every part of the day, Boer Boris experiences something new
Sun 5 Feb ’23

A performance for everyone from age 4-years and up who is discovering themselves and the world around them. About identity, cause and effect.

For 10 years, Boer Boris has been experiencing adventures on and around his farm. Made specially for the tenth anniversary of the popular children's book series Boer Boris, two technicians come to the theater with an enormous diorama. They unfold the diorama and a three-dimensional theater is created. The performance follows the course of a day. Every part of the day, Boer Boris experiences something new. Boer Boris in illustrated form is part of the performance.

The performance is part of the Picture Book Festival. A new family festival with a unique foyer playground in combination with a 2+ and 4+ show with an overlapping theme: Op de Boerderij. Attention is paid to sustainability, health and the environment. Green is good! Children learn about healthy eating and how to recycle, and love playing outside and interacting with the cute animals at the petting zoo.

  • Excludes beverage


Based on the well-known picture book series by Ted van Lieshout

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