Kleine Pijntjes

Johan Goossens
Thu 3 Nov ’22 20:30 - 22:00
Songs, stories and relative humor
Thu 3 Nov ’22
20:30 - 22:00

Age is just a number, and you are never too old to learn. But if after two years you still don't know any Barré chords, haven't learned a word of Portuguese and haven't read War and Peace, will they ever happen in this lifetime?

Because he still feels so young, you wouldn't say that Johan is soon approaching forty. Still, he groans more and more when he goes to sit down. When no one is around, he sometimes gets a 'Hèhè...'. He also secretly enjoys underfloor heating. Johan is glowing with health, but sometimes he has indistinct, minor aches and pains. With songs, stories and humor that put things into perspective, Johan resists the inevitable decline. Switching between hilarity and emotion, between high ideals and silly everydayness, he makes sure that you forget your own little aches and pains for an evening.

Meer dan jij...

Beleef jij mee? Doe jij mee? Praat jij mee?

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