Gaan verhuizen

Buurman & Buurman
Sun 7 May ’23
A dazzling musical for all ages
Sun 7 May ’23

Buurman & Buurman managed to steal the hearts of many children and their parents in no time. Fortunately, the two clumsy handymen are coming back to the theater!

If Buurman & Buurman decide to move, all sorts of things must happen. Carrying furniture, installing a new kitchen, sanding the floor and perhaps hanging new wallpaper on the wall. Just hang up the paintings neatly, and you're done! As long as that goes well... The whole theater hall will soon be shouting their motto 'A JE TO!' ('for each other') aloud!

For the 6th time in a row, comedian Jelle Kuiper, director Bruun Kuijt and language artist Ivo de Wijs bring Czech handymen to life, this time in the performance Buurman & Buurman gaan verhuizen.

  • Excludes beverage


With Polle Vrienten, Rein Mulder Script & direction Jelle Kuiper Lyrics Ivo de Wijs Music Erik de Reus Direction Bruun Kruijt

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