Freekje Groenemans


Gerard van Maasakkers
Sat 15 Apr ’23 20:30
He doesn't need much to give you a rich evening
Sat 15 Apr ’23

Gerard van Maasakkers, for the occasion with a new suit, new shoes, same haircut. Zald'mhebbe!

Just as good wine gets better with age, so Gerard... (fill in the blanks yourself). He fills the stage with his disarming personality and, of course, with the most wonderful songs. New and less new, old and less old. They are of a rarely matched beauty in all their simplicity.

After the successful performances 40 Jaar liedjes and Ik loop, Gerard is once again accompanied by Frank Cools (strings and trumpet) and Bart de Win (keyboards and vocals).

“Humor, emotion and also a touch of social criticism.”

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Vocals Gerard van Maasakkers Strings and trumpet Frank Cools Keys and vocals Bart de Win