De Vernuftige Edelman Don Quichot van La Mancha

Tue 14 Mar ’23 20:00 - 22:45
An adventurous opera about the recapture of fantasy
Tue 14 Mar ’23
20:00 - 22:45
  • Tue 14 Mar ’23
    20:00 - 22:45
    Pauze 21:20
    Hertog Jan Zaal

A brand new opera based on the famous novel by Cervantes, with new music by composer Vanni Moretto and a leading role for medieval music from many countries and cultures.

Let yourself be carried away by the many realities of De Vernuftige Edelman Don Quichot van La Mancha. Don Quixote is the prosperous owner of an international holding company with employees from all over the world. He is rich, but his life is monotonous and meaningless. In his quest for a more meaningful existence, he daydreams about times long gone. The boundaries between reality and fantasy become fluid. He imagines himself a knight and sees the people around him as servants, damsels or wizards. Everyone involved becomes involved in a life story that is as wonderful as it is moving.

Following previous operas about l'Orfeo, Don Giovanni and Hamlet, with Don Quixote, OPERA2DAY once again puts a character from the early 17th century in the spotlight. For this production, the New European Ensemble is collaborating with the Italian La Fonte Musica, which specializes in medieval music. Together, they bring the universe of Don Quixote to sound, featuring new music by composer Vanni Moretto. Stefano Simone Pintor develops the libretto and directs the performance. Both were previously part of the team that made the 'new baroque opera' Vivaldi–Dangerous Liaisons a great success.

  • Surtitles in Dutch and English

"Zeer vermakelijk, en met prachtige muziek"

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