Jakop Ahlbom Company & Ish Dance Collective
Thu 8 Dec ’22 - Sat 10 Dec ’22
A turbo slapstick show
Thu 8 Dec ’22
Sat 10 Dec ’22

Physical scenes tumble over each other, as in a rollercoaster. The performance is full of acrobatic tricks and visual effects. The audience gets no time for reflection but rather sits on the chairs, sweating, their heart rates increasing.

Clumsy and somewhat naïve, Larry and his disgruntled wife are kidnapped. His wealthy father is asked to pay a considerable amount for their release. While they are waiting for the ransom, uninvited guests appear at the door. The confusion grows, and everyone is fighting with everyone in an ultimate attempt to secure the money.

This ode to the action movie was an absolute hit in 2021 and received wonderful reviews:

"The performers are physically pushed to unprecedented heights." (de Volkskrant ★★★★★)
 "A frantic ode to the classic fight film." (Het Parool)
 ''A masterful mix of dance and martial arts.'' (Theatrekrant)
 "A fight that is unparalleled." (NRC)

 ''Action theater Knock-out hits the mark in one fell swoop.''

The Telegraph


Director Jakop Ahlbom Script Jakop Ahlbom and Judith Wendel Choreography Marco Gerris Cast Lisa Groothof, Patrick Karijowidjojo Leonard Lucieer, Tyrone Menig, Freek Nieuwdorp, Arnold Put, Bodine Sutorius