Simone Kleinsma
Sat 15 Jan ’22 - Sun 16 Jan ’22
Her personal story over the past few years
Sat 15 Jan ’22
Sun 16 Jan ’22

Simone Kleinsma is back in theaters with her new theater performance Verder.

In Verder, musical star Simone Kleinsma tells her personal story about the past few years, in which she had to discover what it is like to go on alone. To start anew, you must first clean up, you must dare to throw away, so that you can have something left to be the beginning of something new. Simone takes you along in this intimate performance in which music naturally plays a major role. With both existing pieces and an especially-for-her newly written repertoire.

After previous successful shows such as Songs from the Heart, Simone's Songbook and Simone!, she has developed her new theater performance Verder together with director Ruut Weissman (Hij Gelooft In Mij, etc) and writer Frank Houtappels (Gooische Vrouwen, 'T Schaep met de 5 Pooten, etc).

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