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Communication & Marketing

For questions about performance publicity, marketing and press matters, please contact members of our Communication & Marketing department: / +3140 - 2 156 140.

Loes Barkema - - +3140 - 2 156 145
Carla Evers - - +3140 - 2 156 143
Geertje van Geel - - +3140 - 2156 147
Brigitte Koolen - - +3140 - 2 156 142
Milly van Maanen - - +3140 - 2 156 144 

Technical information

Below you will find technical related information about the different halls in the Parktheater. For more information, please contact Wesley van der Lingen at or +3140 - 2 156 150

The Parktheater opens its doors! But of course safe and responsible. In these corona times, we think it is very important to provide a safe environment for all visitors, employees, artists and groups. The Parktheater adheres to the measures of RIVM, the National Government and the Safety Region and uses the protocols of the VSCD (trade association of theaters), NAPK (Dutch Association for Performing Arts) and KHN (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland).

View our special Parktheater Protocol here.

As established by agreements of the VSCD and VVTP, we wish to receive all necessary technical information at least 4 weeks prior to a performance. If this information is not available within the desired time period, then please send us a completed checklist.

Hertog Jan Zaal

  • Technical information
  • Flybar list
  • Floor plan
  • Lighting plan


  • Technical information
  • Flybar list
  • Floor plan
  • Lighting plan


  • Technical information
  • Floor plan
  • Lighting plan

Pand P (theater hall)

  • Technical information
  • Lighting plan 

Stage managers

Parktheater Eindhoven has two stage managers who make everything run smoothly. You can reach them via or +3140 - 2 156 150. We would like to introduce them to you:

Rob van Nieuw Amerongen
Kees van Wijck

Time restrictions
Time restrictions
Due to a number of complaints from the area surrounding the Parktheater, it was decided, in consultation with the authorities, to establish time restrictions for loading and unloading at Parktheater. Specifically, these restrictions state that transport and loading/unloading may not take place between the hours of 00:30 and 07:00.

In addition, we ask you not to access the theater location via the residential portion of the road Le Sage ten Broeklaan. Instead, our loading/unloading area can be reached from Stratumsedijk or from the parking lot adjacent to the Parktheater. Click here for the route description. If the stated time restriction poses a problem for your performance, we kindly ask you to contact us as soon as possible at


Via extranet, you can view the status of ticket sales (including reservations) for your performances at any time. 

How do I access the Extranet?

You to our Extranet. We advise you to add this address to your internet favorites or email this url to colleagues who use our facility.

Login code

Type in the unique login code you received at the beginning of the season. The status of ticket sales related to your performances will appear.


You can check the status of ticket sales right up until the performance date. The sales status is kept up to date, with new sales being posted nightly. The final ticket sales status will appear on the agreement document (if contractually specified). If there are missing performances or inaccuracies on the list, please send an e-mail to:
For an efficient response, we kindly ask that you include your login code in your e-mail.

If you have any questions about the Extranet, you can always contact us:
Kaartverkoop, telephone +3140 - 2 11 11 22.

Dining and sleeping facilities

Are you looking for a nice restaurant or a good hotel? We've listed some options for you below.


Our own restaurants:


We have deals with several hotels. Please contact us at:, and we will be happy to advise you.


Agreements regarding cooperating employers operating in one workplace

According to the Working Conditions Act (Arbo-wet), employers are responsible and liable for any accidents and health damage suffered by their own employees and the public. Employees can also be held jointly and individually liable in the event of an accident. It is therefore very important for employers and employees to comply with the legal requirements.

Parktheater Eindhoven N.V. has a risk inventory and evaluation for the entire company. This makes the Working Conditions Act an intriguing part of the business operations. Parktheater Eindhoven N.V. expects visiting companies to also comply with the Working Conditions Act and to have a risk inventory.

Terms and conditions relating to technical safety, liability and indemnities.

Welcome at

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