Getting there

How do I get to the Parktheater?
Directions and parking


Reception/box office/daytime ticket counter:
Theaterpad 1, 5615 EN Eindhoven

Main entrance:
Elzentlaan 50, 5615 CN Eindhoven


Parktheater Eindhoven is located on the outskirts of the Stadswandelpark, just outside the center of Eindhoven. The theater is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle, car and on foot.
Please note that on Friday and Saturday evenings, the city and various modes of transportation can be quite busy, so plan accordingly.

Map the route from your home address to the Parktheater using Google maps or 9292.

By car or by bike

If you’re using a navigation device, please enter one of the following addresses into your navigation system:

  • Theaterpad 1, Eindhoven
  • Elzentlaan 50, Eindhoven

With public transportation

From the Eindhoven train/bus station, it is a 20-minute walk to the Parktheater. The following buses depart from Eindhoven station and make stops at the Parktheater bus stop:
Line 7, Line 11, Line 12, Line 17, Line 117, Line 317, Line 318, Line 407.
From the bus stop, you can see the Parktheater, and it’s just a few minutes walk to the main entrance.

Parking for car and bicycle

There are several public parking facilities surrounding the Parktheater.


On the map below, you will find several 'P's indicating where you can park your car. It is paid parking daily in these areas between 9:00 and 21:00, and also on the streets around the Parktheater. You can pay with belparkeren or pin (so not cash).

Tip: Use mobile parking. You use the parking app such as Easypark (previously Parkmobile) or Yellowbrick on your mobile phone. When you park the car, you provide the number of the parking zone. This number is stated on a sign in the parking lot.

In front of the theater, there are designated parking spaces for the disabled, available for holders of a disabled parking permit (invalidenparkeerkaart). Outside of the designated parking spaces, a parking disc is required in addition to the disabled parking permit so that you may park for 3 hours.

Read more about parking around Parktheater Eindhoven on the website of the municipality of Eindhoven.


There are several public bicycle parking facilities located around the theater. These facilities do not have security surveillance, so make sure your bicycle is secured with a good lock!