Scapino Ballet | RIDCC | Cinedans
Thu 10 Apr ’25 20:00
Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson and Olivia Court Mesa
Thu 10 Apr ’25
  • Thu 10 Apr ’25
    Hertog Jan Zaal

An absurdistic satire and a quest for hope in dark times. Origin is created by three emerging avant-garde choreographers with a socially critical perspective in their work.

After winning the world’s biggest dance award, Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson, along with Olivia Court Mesa, are now presenting two world premieres at Scapino. Both dance pieces are featured in one program, connected through a dance film curated by the Cinedans film festival, revolving around the same themes.

In GOATS by the French/Luxembourg duo Sarah Baltzinger & Isaiah Wilson, the main character is immersed in a hallucinatory world full of paranoia and delusions. Viewing through an absurd lens, the audience is invited to join the dancers in navigating a path between reality and illusion. GOATS is an imaginative satire on contemporary times and the psychology of the masses.

In The Colors of Darkness, the Chilean-Israeli Olivia Court Mesa explores the physical and psychological response to tragedy and chaos. She reflects on collective trauma, survival, and the journey from darkness to color. With her raw and intuitive style, she creates a powerful statement of human resilience and hope.

Both Baltzinger/Wilson and Court Mesa received the XL Production Award, the world’s biggest dance prize awarded by the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition (RIDCC) and produced by Scapino. As a founding partner of this unique choreography competition, Scapino serves as a springboard for choreographic talent worldwide.

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