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Searching for the ISM
Fri 12 May ’23 20:30
A search for the meaning of life translated into dance
Fri 12 May ’23
  • Fri 12 May ’23
    Natlab - Podiumzaal

Searching for the ISM is a performance by creator Nedda Sou. In this explosive dance performance, four dancers search for what gives their lives meaning. Searching for the ISM was created under the banner of ISH Talent.

In this dynamic performance, the dancers explore new experiences. Will they find new energy, a new direction in their lives and come to new insights and forms? Full of imagination, they take you on their quest.

Dance maker Nedda Sou invited four krump dancers for Searching for the ISM. Krumping is a style of hip-hop dance that originated in the United States in the early 1990s. The style is inspired by traditional African dance forms, among others.

Nedda Sou
Nedda Sou (born 1988) is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and DJ. Nedda is self-taught and multi-talented. Perseverance, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit got her to where she is. A talented dancer who knows how to inspire people all over the world with her performances. With passion and dedication, she passes on her knowledge and experience to new generations.

"This show brings together explosive dance, tight music, hip costumes and beautiful lighting"


Directed by Nedda Sou Choregraphy Nedda Sou, Virgil Ciano, Jordy Joia, Brandon Broodje Gravenberch, Nakisa Brown Dancers Virgil Ciano, Jordy Joia, Brandon Broodje Gravenberch, Nakisa Brown Music Stijn van Strien Lighting Jeffrey Steenbergen Production ISH Dance Collective Image Michel Schnater

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