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Sun 15 Jan ’23 12:00 - 17:30
Workshops for children
Sun 15 Jan ’23
12:00 - 17:30
  • Sun 15 Jan ’23
    12:00 - 17:30
    Order your free ticket here. Ticket is valid for the whole day. Walk-in between 12:00 and 17:30

During this special Kids Program of Nieuwe Maan, the newest generation of thinkers and makers are invited to think about the future. Nieuwe Maan is a festival for transformation with Moon lectures, theater performances and more, and features perspectives on the future based on knowledge and creativity. In addition to the adult program, we are hosting a special day for the children to also immerse themselves in this theme.

All day long, there will be workshops in the Parktheater given by Ontdekfabriek, Philips Museum, Mad Science & ASML and Fair Trade Eindhoven. Create the New City together with the Ontdekfabriek, create your own digital twin in the New Human workshop by the Philips Museum, upcycle waste into beautiful new products with Fair Trade Eindhoven, and be amazed by the futuristic Funstations by Mad Science & ASML. 

The workshops will take place continuously between 12:00 and 17:00 and can be visited free of charge. You will need an entrance ticket, though. Tickets are valid for the whole day and for all workshops.

The New City / Ontdekfabriek / Ages 8+
Children can construct a giant city together with the makers of the Ontdekfabriek. Using a die-cutting machine and parts from old equipment, they can create and accessorize new structures.  Make a rocket that can fly to the moon, create a hi-tech tree house or collaborate on a cable car supermarket; if you can dream it, you can make it!

Make new from waste / Fair Trade Eindhoven / Ages 8+
Waste does not exist! Waste is nothing but a mountain of materials out of which to create something beautiful. Take a fresh look at everything that has been discarded and design a new product.  Will you start braiding or weaving with plastic or inner tubes; or will you make a new belt or piece of jewelry from junk? Or perhaps using an old box, will you conceive and create the dream house of the future? Be inspired by the up-cycle ideas of Fair Trade Eindhoven.

New Senses / Mad Science & ASML / Ages 8+
Mad Science and ASML want to make all children excited about technology. On this day, they will be present with no fewer than 3 futuristic Funstations! Stimulate your imagination and your senses with:

Be blown away by Mad Science! The Mad Professor takes you on a whirlwind demo showcasing the power of air. Big and small balls will float through the air, and we’ll search for the superpower of a vacuum.

Fireworks inside…. how is that possible?!? Capture your own shadow; learn the fascinating properties of light, the primary colors, and the chemical flashlight; and discover even more experiments featuring light in the leading role.

Did you know that the tongue and the nose are highly important for fully perceiving taste? Are you a super taster? We will examine the tongue and stimulate our taste buds with taste tests.

These Mad Science workshops are sponsored by ASML. 

New Humans / Philips Museum / Ages 8+
The new human is data-driven, especially when it comes to health. In the future, all data from every person will be used to create a digital twin: a digital copy of yourself that can help you and your doctors treat you and keep you healthy. The Philips museum will show how this works: on the basis of a number of experiments, you will collect data about your body and health and create your digital self on paper.

Who is the Werewolf?
Games should not be left out on this day!  So especially for the Nieuwe Maan Festival, the Who is the werewolf? game will be hosted in a unique theatrical way by theater maker Oscar de Boer and with musical accompaniment by Hilmar Leujes. If you want to participate in this game, book your free tickets here.

Let's Beat Waste!?
This interactive installation is a beating heart, made by the artists of Fontys BeCreative. Let’s beat waste! A wonderful goal that our young visitors can see and experience with their own eyes. A beating heart, which grows fuller and more perfect by diminishing waste. The tidier the city, the healthier the heart. The garbage cans invite you to keep the city clean. And the more the bins are filled, the greater the collective art. This installation was also on display during GLOW.

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