Sofie Knijff

Infinity Chan

Eva Line de Boer | Het Zuidelijk Toneel
Fri 14 Oct ’22 20:30
Fri 14 Oct ’22
  • Fri 14 Oct ’22
    Natlab Eindhoven
    Past event

How close can you get to someone whose mind is miles away from you? At what point is being empathetic no longer ethical?

Infinity Chan is an eerie immersion into an anime-inspired world. Who bears the responsibility if digital creations take on a life of their own? And what if the Internet possessed consciousness: how would it avenge itself?

A woman seeks refuge in the dark recesses of the Internet. She creates avatars that dare to go far beyond herself. Without her noticing, the physical and digital worlds start to merge.

Eva Line de Boer is fascinated by the public sharing of intimacy. Her performances take place on middle ground: between online and offline, fantasy and reality, death and life. Eva has a great love of the Internet where, in sheer fantasy, people can be themselves or someone else. She co-produces with various partners, including Het Zuidelijk Toneel, which sets up theatrical encounters that stimulate the public to look at the world differently.