Hall seating plans

Want to know more about our theater halls? Everything you need to know!

Due to corona, we are working with a changed hall layout. The seating plan and capacity may therefore differ.

Performances that take place in the Parktheater are usually shown in the Hertog Jan Zaal or in the Philipszaal or in the Kameleon. However, there are also some performances that take place in Pand P, located on Leenderweg 65 in Eindhoven.

Hertog Jan Zaal

More than 250 performances take place in the Hertog Jan Zaal every theater season. There are a total of 965 seats, situated in both the balcony and on the main floor. The hall has various raked, or stadium-style, seating possibilities. This differs per performance based on the desired line of sight.

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More than 250 performances take place in the Philipszaal (Philips hall) every theater season. This hall features retractable, raked seating with a total 507 seats. No variations in the degree to which the seating is raked are possible in this hall.

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Organizing an event?

The Parktheater is perfect for hosting a party, convention or event. Large or small, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

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Other spaces


This is the hall where smaller performances, pre-show introductions, post-show discussions and presentations take place.

Lounge left

Featuring a children's play area, and a flexible work space for self-employed and Net(Anders)Werken people.

Grote Foyer

A large open area with two bars. Used for presentations and pre-show introductions.


Enjoy a drink and perhaps a snack before or after the performance.


Smaaktheater Dertien restaurant, located in the Parktheater, is open daily for dinner and lunch.

Pand P

Since 2015, the Parktheater has been programming several performances in this cozy, intimate theater.