Primary education

Imagination, a necessity for the future!

Parktheater Eindhoven wants to surprise, confuse, hush and amaze you. Theater will draw you into a magical world or give you a different view of the world. It stimulates you to empathize with someone else, but also to look at yourself in a different way. And that is necessary to be the best version of yourself and together the best version of the world.

School performances

We organize special school performances for primary school students, which take place during school hours. The performances are tailored to the age of the students. Schools can book for this via CultuurStation.

In-school activities - Join the school

The Parktheater offers a wide range of educational options, such as interactive tours and guidance during a performance like an educational workshop and / or aftertalk. We are part of the CmK arrangement (cultural education with quality) and the in-school activities can be requested both via Cultuurstation and directly via us. With our in-school activities we like to meet the wishes of the school.

Extra-curricular activities - Stimulating Parent Involvement

Learning doesn't stop once the bell rings. We would like to connect with current and social themes that also play at your school. A stimulating performance, an educational workshop or aftertalk provides depth; a different view and awareness. By offering this to children and the parents in the theater after school we can also stimulate parental involvement in these subjects!

Who can we approach within your school?
We are looking for a good way to make contact with the schools and their students with parents / guardians. The Parktheater can complement the curriculum and vision of the school. Learning by experiencing, also in a different environment.
We would like to make contact with, for example, an ICC member or member of the parent committee, in order to fine-tune our offer and jointly look for possibilities of deepening. Enter the contact details here.

Urban Program Creativity

Five cultural institutions (Parktheater, Eindhoven Museum, Van Abbemuseum, CKE and Library) work together with Korein, the Platform of the Child Centers in Eindhoven and the school boards of SALTO and SKPO. Together we look for opportunities to support schools and childcare in the focus of the creative process (as opposed to a product) based on Culture&ik.

Please call for options, or if you have a specific wish, we would like to hear it.

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