Pand P

 'Stratum's living room’ to meet each other

Pand P is an open house for all performing arts and where youth, amateurs and professionals complement and reinforce each other.
Every year, Parktheater Eindhoven programmes a number of performances at Pand P.

Theater with a role

Until 2013, the Plaza Futura film house was located here, which moved to Natlab (Strijp S). Pand P came into existence in 2015, an initiative of Parktheater Eindhoven, Het Nieuwe Theater and youth theater company Hetpaarddatvliegt.
Pand P is a low-threshold theater with a prominent role for the Stratum neighbourhood. A place where something happens every day of the week. Where the neighborhood finds and makes its "home". Where we connect and facilitate performing artists.

Enjoy theater and good food

In Pand P you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, you can have lunch, a tasty bite to eat and enjoy the theater.

Address and opening hours

Pand P
Leenderweg 65
5614 HL Eindhoven
Open Tuesday to Sunday
Reservations: 040 303 21 70 (from 11 a.m.)


The best place to park is near Parktheater and walk from there to Pand P. in 5-10 minutes.

Pand P does more!

View the Pand P website (in Dutch) for more information

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