Playing for Success Eindhoven

 Children and young people discover their own Wow factor

Discover your Wow-factor at the Parktheater!

Playing for Success Eindhoven was originally founded in 2009 by SKPO, SALTO, Lumens and PSV. In 2019, the Parktheater joined as a new Wow location. Playing for Success is a unique concept in which development opportunities for children and youth are maximized. The children and youth work on positive self-image and on enhancement of social skills.


Playing for Success Eindhoven organizes activities in learning environments with a high Wow-factor – activities that provide development opportunities for children and youth from the Eindhoven region. During Playing for Success Eindhoven, every child will work on his or her own learning objective. In small groups, they will tackle the different learning objectives in a fun way. In addition, they will receive a high level of intensive, personalized attention. By participating in challenging activities in and around the Parktheater, they will set off toward achieving their learning goals.


They will explore places that most people normally do not get to visit, such as in the dressing rooms and on the actual stage. Here, the kids really can take the stage! In its 10th anniversary, Playing for Success Eindhoven has already given over 3,000 children and youth a boost in their social, emotional and cognitive development. A result that they can be proud of!