Towards more vitality with a specially developed dance method for the elderly, for people with disabilities and for people with Parkinson's, MS, rheumatism or dementia.

Why dancing?

In recent years there has been increasing attention in the medical world for the effects of dance on people with Parkinson's, rheumatism, MS and dementia. Various studies show that weekly dancing ensures an
improved balance, attitude, flexibility, strength and coordination. Teacher Louise Rutten attended various training courses and lectures in order to be able to bring dance to people with reduced mobility in a responsible manner. Among others at Dance for PD (New York) and Dance for Health (Rotterdam).

Lessons DansLouise.R

In her classes, Louise strives for well-being and dance pleasure. She thinks it is important that everyone in the group can be themselves. With music from different styles, the dance feeling is stimulated and gives the rhythm to the movements. Your imagination and brain activity are stimulated, because in dance you can shape all those different atmospheres and emotions in your personal way. At the same time we feel connected when we dance together. It is a creative, social and active process.

Louise would like to invite you to come and meet and experience what dance does for you. You can come alone, but also with a dance partner, buddy, volunteer or caregiver.

Location / time

Parktheater Eindhoven
Wednesday: 10.30 am - 11.30 am
Thursday: 11.00 am - 12.00 am

Sign up

+31 (0)6 13 46 91 29


Tuition fee per month € 37.50
Partner subscription € 60.00 (2 people)