Parktheater Eindhoven collaborates on various fronts with SintLucas’ creative education program. The course, based in Boxtel and Eindhoven, guides creative talents towards a bright future in the creative industry. From spatial design to stage and event technology. From audiovisual design and animation to photography.
The Parktheater is currently working with SintLucas on three levels.

Metamorphosis of the changing rooms

For several years, Parktheater Eindhoven has been working together with the Spatial Design - Interior Design course at SintLucas. Every year, a group of students is instructed to give two changing rooms in the Parktheater a new look. Two designs are selected from the various proposals, which the students must then actually implement.
A variety of dressing rooms have already undergone a beautiful metamorphosis. For the students, this is a nice practice project, for the Parktheater, it gives the possibility to offer artists a nice, comfortable and unique dressing room.

Stage and event technology training
As a technician, you ensure that the sound system works perfectly, the stage is well lit, and the performance runs smoothly. Where better to learn that than in a real theater! That is why every Monday morning students from the Stage and Event Engineering course at SintLucas get lessons in the Parktheater. In addition, students in the study program also do an internship in the theater.
Unique theater bags
Coosje Bouman, fourth-year student of the Design, Product, Space and Media program at SintLucas, designs bags. Among other things, she has made a backpack and a shopping bag from old theater banners from the Parktheater. There is now an assortment of bags for sale, available at the reception desk in the Parktheater.