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  • De verrukkelijke kinderbakshow

    De Grote Haay
    Sun 10 Dec ’23

    Baking has never been as hip as it is now. Home-baker Rutger van den Broek (known from Heel Holland Bakt) and theater maker Mark Haayema will tell you everything about baking: from grain to white flour and from milk to butterfat cream. 

  • A Forsythe Evening

    Nederlands Dans Theater
    Tue 12 Dec ’23

    After only a short run of performances during COVID-19, Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT) is looking forward to re-presenting A Forsythe Evening, which revives NDT's long-standing relationship with choreographer William Forsythe. Forsythe revolutionized the dance world and is known worldwide for his dynamic approach to the art form. His interest in choreographic structures forms the basis of Forsythe's extensive oeuvre: "I keep trying to understand how the term choreography can manifest itself in any circumstance." The works are accompanied by music from Forsythe's regular composer Thom Willems.

  • Sawdust Symphony

    Michael Zandl, David Eisele & Kolja Huneck
    Tue 12 Dec ’23

    In a society where old-fashioned craftsmanship seems to be disappearing, this contemporary circus performance responds to the human desire to keep on creating: the process from idea to actual construction, the relationship between man and his tools, and the tragedy of working on a project. Three obsessed characters take the audience on a unique 'do-it-yourself' experience in which they discover and transform their own workspace and themselves. Sawdust Symphony is an intense dialogue between frustration, euphoria and the smell of petrol.

  • ROOTS!

    South African Road Trip
    Wed 13 Dec ’23

    Join us on a unique journey through South Africa, and immerse yourself in the rich traditions of the beautiful Xhosa culture. Fourteen musicians and dancers from Cape Town perform with passion and energy and tell penetrating and personal stories about daily life and the history of South Africa. What did they learn at home about religion and traditions? And what connecting role does music play in their culture? ROOTS! stimulates the senses with rousing live music, a beautiful video set, and rhythmic African dance!

  • Comedy Café

    The Laughing Lizard - 23/24
    Wed 13 Dec ’23
    Fri 24 May ’24

    "A popular series of comedy set in a café atmosphere in the Kameleon. Tables, a bar, and warm lighting. You hear the familiar sounds of gently clinking glasses and music playing. An MC enters, and he asks for your applause. Excitement mounts as the first artist is announced. Who will it be? Comedians and cabaret artists take the stage, from well-known names to up-and-coming talents. Every night is different. Don't miss these evenings if you like to laugh!"

  • DNA

    Peter Pannekoek
    Thu 14 Dec ’23

    An acclaimed performance about legacy, the ability to imagine, and an ode to the theater. Peter Pannekoek is back with DNA, the performance that was sold out months in advance and received rave reviews from the press and audience. With his theater program Later was alles beter, Peter won the Neerlands Hoop, the prize for the most promising theater maker. In addition to the theater, Peter can also be seen as a team captain in Dit Was Het Nieuws and at The Roast.

  • Brabantse nachten zijn lang

    Margôt Ros
    Thu 14 Dec ’23
    Sun 17 Dec ’23

    A tragicomic evening on the edge of real and absolutely made up. Margôt Ros leads the way: hilarious, poignant, sparkling and sometimes painful. Celebrate, but with a lump in your throat. She talks about family quarrels that get completely out of hand, losing virginity during carnival, comforting sausage rolls, and other Brabant crown jewels. In procession, she showcases memorable characters and lively anecdotes from her youth, and she gives 'our pa' the rightful leading role. In Brabantse nachten zijn lang (audience favorite of 2022), you’ll see how you can celebrate life until the very last moment and that dying well is an art. Co-production with Parktheater Eindhoven.

  • Politieke Eindejaarsshow

    Boekestijn en De Wijk
    Fri 15 Dec ’23

    Nu Nederland, straks Amerika: het Westen moet op zoek naar nieuwe leiders. Tegenstrevers China en Rusland hebben hun sterke mannen maar die maken er ook een potje van; de rest van de wereld kijkt angstvallig toe en weigert vaak partij te kiezen. 

  • Wortels en Cassave

    Onias Landveld
    Fri 15 Dec ’23

    Wortels en Cassave is a bittersweet story about identity, history and finding your own place. With a smile and a tear, Onias Landveld talks about the origin of his Dutch-sounding surname, the conflicts with his Dutch roots and his identification with his Surinamese roots. In this solo performance he takes you on a flight from a civil war and the first introduction to an unknown Venlo in 1989. Personal, intriguing and cutting to the bone. 

  • What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete?

    Het Zuidelijk Toneel
    Fri 15 Dec ’23

    What Ever Happened to Mr. Pete? is not your usual play. This disorienting theater experience is a search for the truth behind Mr. Pete. Who is he? And who are we actually? A necessary question in these times of algorithms, digitization and the celebration of our happiness as free individuals. It’s about loneliness, communality and loss of control. A shared quest as Mr. Pete gets to know himself through short, funny scenes, populated by a motley crew of characters. Based on the work of Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, Luis Buñuel and David Lynch.

  • (alvast een) Vrolijke Kerst met

    Ton Kas
    Sat 16 Dec ’23

    He is actually giving two shows: Alvast een Vrolijke Kerst met Ton Kas and Vrolijke Kerst met Ton Kas. Because Christmas lasts two days, so Merry Christmas too... This is not a themed performance about Christmas, but as a professional grouch, Ton just has to laugh about Merry Christmas. As for the rest, it's just the same corny shit as usual, but with a little more balls.

  • Prima Facie

    Internationaal Theater Amsterdam
    Wed 20 Dec ’23
    Thu 21 Dec ’23

    Eline Arbo regisseert Maria Kraakman in het prijswinnende toneelstuk van auteur Suzie Miller. De snoeiharde monoloog, die furore maakte op West End en Broadway, is nu voor het eerst in het Nederlands te zien.

  • Closed Eyes

    Alida Dors | Theater Rotterdam
    Fri 22 Dec ’23

    In this new performance by Alida Dors, let yourself be transported through dance, film, music and 'spoken word' to Ganzee, a submerged village in Lake Brokopondo in Suriname. Do you dare surrender to the unknown? No longer run away from it? Then immerse yourself in a parallel world where the magic of the imagination reigns. In Closed Eyes, Alida takes you on a journey across all barriers of space and time, to imagine a hopeful vision for the future together.

  • Kerstwintercircus 2023

    Editie 51
    Sat 23 Dec ’23
    Sun 31 Dec ’23
    The most fun family event in the Christmas holidays

    It is time for the 51st edition of the International Kerstwintercircus. Parktheater Eindhoven will once again transform into a real circus arena.

  • Tomaatje op je neus

    Arno Huibers
    Thu 28 Dec ’23
    Fri 29 Dec ’23

    From the first second, Arno takes you on a journey in his own universe. A journey from smile to laughter. With music, subtle humor, his phenomenal facial expressions and a tomato on his nose, he shows how magical the simplicity is.

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