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  • Theaterversie van de Keti Koti Tafel

    Orkater in collaboration with the Keti Koti Table Foundation
    Onderdeel van de plantage van onze voorouders
    Fri 27 Oct ’23

    Orkater and the Keti Koti Tafel Foundation are offering fifty people the opportunity to take part in a theater version of the Keti Koti Tafel, prior to the performance De plantage van ons voorouders. Experience for yourself how a personal exchange between white people and people of color allows you to gain meaningful insights about the traces of the slavery past and how this is still felt today in the present. A conversation accompanied by light snacks and age-old songs and rituals, which also play an important role in the performance.

  • La Traviata at The Dining Opera

    Thomas de Bruijn e.a.
    Thu 18 Apr ’24
    Sat 20 Apr ’24

    After The Dining Opera’s successful edition of Carmen, this upcoming edition will be dedicated to the most famous and dramatic opera of all time – La Traviata. Enjoy the highlights of Verdi's masterpiece paired with a delicious three-course Italian style dinner. The Dining Opera is ideal for discovering opera in an accessible way and also for enjoying a pleasant evening out with friends and family.

    • Tickets include dinner but exclude drinks.