Remembering Elvis

Elvis Tribute Artists
Sun 1 Dec ’24 15:00
Experience the great Elvis spectacle!
Sun 1 Dec ’24
  • Sun 1 Dec ’24
    Hertog Jan Zaal

Four of the very best Elvis Tribute Artists in the world present the most sensitive Elvis ballads and the most exciting Elvis rock and roll during the Remembering Elvis Theatre Show. Wonderful to relive it all over again and, most of all, not miss a moment of it. So, pull on those blue suede shoes because it's now or never!

Gordon Davis from Malta effortlessly revives Elvis with his attractive energy and irresistible facial expressions. Elvis Master Champion, European Champion, Images of The King World Champion, all titles already fell to this talent. You see him and wow, You can't help falling in love.

England's Louis Brown is a young talent who blew away the audience during his first European Championship and immediately won the audience award. From that moment on he turned out to be an Elvis Tribute Artist who can no longer be ignored on the Elvis stage and many world titles are waiting for him! This guy is a must see and hear!

Ciaran Houlihan is a multi-award winning Elvis Tribute Artist from Ireland. He has been performing his tribute to Elvis for over 16 years and within that time he has won many awards and he has won numerous completions worldwide. His golden voice is considered the one that most closely emulates The King.

Of course, young Michael Glaysher from England is also not to be missed. With a full trophy case that he has collected all over the world, he started out as the young Elvis of the 50's. By now his repertoire has broadened and he can really do anything. In addition, he has been the regular face in the Sun Record tour for several years.

These 4 world stars are accompanied by an insane backing band that for many years have taken the most talented Elvis Tribute Artists to great heights on various appealing stages around the world.

Remembering Elvis is a complete and unique Elvis experience unparalleled in Europe. Lose yourself in a world of Unchained Melody and Burning Love.

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