Afrique en Cirque

Thu 28 Nov ’24 20:00
High-level acrobatics, innovative choreography and colorful rhythms
Thu 28 Nov ’24

Kalabanté is an exciting journey to the African continent, a tribute to the Guinean diaspora. Afrique en Cirque is Yamoussa Bangoura's latest show inspired by everyday life in Guinea. This performance shares the beauty, youth and artistry of African culture. A colorful show that goes beyond décor, costumes and staging and will leave any theater shaking with energy. 

The strength, agility and joie de vivre of young Africans takes center stage. The audience experiences how the acrobats seem to defy gravity and perform various human pyramids, all to the contemporary sounds of Afro Jazz, percussion and the kora, a stringed instrument native to West Africa.

Welcome to the universe of Kalabanté and prepare for an unforgettable journey full of high-level acrobatics, innovative choreography and colorful rhythms!

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