Alphabets of Flesh

Stichting Rover | Roshanak Morrowatian
Wed 6 Nov ’24 20:30
A poetic exploration of the body in diaspora
Wed 6 Nov ’24

What remains of your origin when you are displaced? What experiences, even from generations before you, are stored in your body?

In the dance performance Alphabets of Flesh, Iranian choreographer and dancer Roshanak Morrowatian makes tangible what it means to inhabit a body in diaspora. Together with dancer Mami Izumi, she portrays the fragmented experience of time and space of people who have left their homeland. The here and there and the now and then merge into memories and dreams.

Alphabets of Flesh creates a temporary (t)home with dance, language, music, and video art, where differences are embraced and uprooting becomes a source of strength.

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Concept, regie en choreografie Roshanak Morrowatian i.s.m. Mami Izumi Dans Roshanak Morrowatian & Mami Izumi Eindregie Nilay Ceber

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