Since the emergence of the corona virus, we have become increasingly digital. Not only are our meetings online, but also our Christmas gatherings, our presentations, and all kinds of events and performances. We offer high-quality live streaming equipment and the required expertise to make your activity a success online.

We have a fixed live stream installation with fixed camera angles in the Hertog Jan Zaal, and we have a mobile camera setup in the Philipzaal, which can also be used in other locations throughout our building, if desired. 

Uses could include: 

  • Hosting a live webinar;
  • Addressing your colleagues or employees;
  • Streaming an (amateur) performance to guests or to a specific location, such as a healthcare institution or school;
  • Observing a (council) meeting;
  • Giving an online lecture or presentation;
  • Hosting a talk show with live guests for an online audience.

 In addition to the necessary equipment, we also have the skills in house to broadcast your live stream. Besides streaming, we can also provide input on content, set up the location as desired, and provide the most suitable streaming platform.