Visiting with children

Facilities, tips and the best performances especially for you.

If you are coming to the theater with your child, the Parktheater offers both booster seats (Hertog Jan Zaal) and diaper changing facilities. We host many performances specifically created for children. Recommended age indications are noted in the performance descriptions.

Booster seats for children

Chairs in the halls are designed for adult sizes. Therefore, we offer booster seats for children, available at the entrances of the halls prior to the start of the show. You are also permitted to bring along your child’s own seat cushion, if preferred.

Diaper changing facilities

The ladies' room in the hallway next to the Theatercafé features a diaper changing area and a waste bin specifically for dirty diapers.

Age indication

A minimum age is indicated in the descriptions for both children's and family performances. These age indications are based on the content and length of the performances, and on what is deemed is appropriate for certain ages. Children who do not meet the minimum age indication are often unable to understand the performance or concert or may find it too disturbing.

Children's festival & holidays

During the school holidays, there is often plenty to do and see for children. Especially during the Christmas holidays, we feature the Christmas Winter Circus (Kerstwintercircus) and host a variety of fun extras such as skating in the Grote Foyer.
During the Open Day, first Sunday in September, there are also many fun activities specially planned for children.