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Getting here and visit

How do I get to Parktheater Eindhoven by car?
How do I get to Parktheater Eindhoven using public transport?
Where can I park my car?

There are several parking facilities surrounding the Parktheater.
Read more about parking here

Is there a cloakroom where I can hang my coat?

You may hang your coat in our supervised cloakroom for free until the end of the performance. The management is not responsible for theft or loss.

Where can I pick up my hearing amplification device?

Parktheater Eindhoven has a Service/Ticket Sales Desk at the main entrance. You can go there to pick up hearing amplification devices.

What food and drink options are available?

Prior to the show, you can dine in our Smaaktheater Dertien restaurant, located in the Parktheater.
Before and after the show and during the intermission, you can visit one of our bars in the various foyers for drinks. There is also a bar in the Theatercafé which serves drinks and light snacks.
Read more about food and drink options here

Ticket sales

How can I buy my theater tickets?

Tickets can be purchased via the website, by phone or at the box office.
More information about ticket sales here

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket is one that is sent to you by e-mail. You can print it yourself at home. Each e-ticket contains a unique barcode.

Can I purchase my tickets using a Podiumcadeaukaart or a voucher (tegoedbon)?

Parktheater accepts the following vouchers/gift cards:

  • Tegoedbon Parktheater Eindhoven*
  • Parktheater Podiumcadeaukaart
  • Podiumcadeaukaart*
  • Kunst en Cultuurkaart/NR1 Cadeau*
  • Iris-cheques / VVV-bonnen / VVV-cadeaukaart* / **

You can use these at the box office as well as online. For options indicated with a * , you can enter the code on the payment webpage. Is there no code visible on your card (perhaps you have an older version of one of these cards), or do you have a Gift Card from the Parktheater? Then, fill in this form after purchasing your tickets and send the form along with your voucher(s) to the ticket sales office (Kaartverkoop). The voucher amount will then be transferred back into your bank account as soon as possible.
** Since 1 July 2020, the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act has taken effect. This means that from 1 July you can use a maximum of € 50 per transaction from your VVV gift card. You can pay the remaining part via iDeal.

Can I return my tickets?

Are you unable to attend a show for which you’ve already purchased tickets? Then you can exchange the tickets for another performance (free of charge) or for a voucher (€ 2.50 cancellation fee). Please contact us for more information.

What should I do if I lose my tickets?

If you’ve lost or misplaced your tickets, please contact us.

The show is sold out. What now?

If a performance is sold out, you can request to be put on the waiting list. If tickets become available, we will contact you.

In the hall

Am I allowed to make video and/or sound recordings?

It is not permitted to make video and/or sound recordings.

Am I allowed to bring food or drink into the hall?

It is not permitted to bring food or drink into the theater halls.

What should I do if I arrive late?

Upon your arrival, report to a staff member in the front hall. Depending upon agreement by the artist/company, latecomers may be able to enter via the back entrance.

Will there be an intermission during the performance?

Not every performance has an intermission. The companies themselves determine whether there will be an intermission or not. Intermission and performance ending times, if known, will be indicated on the performance webpages.

Where can I hang up my coat?

There is a free cloakroom in the entry hall. It is supervised by one of our staff until after the performance.

And further

I want to throw a party. Is the Parktheater suitable as a location for my event?

For special events, please contact us. We will be happy to make you a customized offer. Read more about business and special events here

Are guided tours available?

We offer guided tours on a select number of Saturdays. It is also possible to arrange a tour for a fee. Read more about guided tours here

I don’t see my question listed here.

Please contact us using the form below, or send an e-mail to


What is a livestream?

The performance is filmed with multiple cameras and the recording is broadcast online and live. This means that you can attend the performance at home, in your own living room.

How do I buy tickets for a livestream?

Tickets for streams can be purchased via the website and are done in the same way as buying tickets for the regular performances. Do you watch with your family via one device? Then you only need to buy one ticket.

After purchasing a ticket, you will receive a unique link, which you can use on one device at a time.

What do I need to watch a live stream?
  • You need a device to watch the online stream, we recommend a tablet, laptop or desktop PC with an updated browser. Alternatively, you can watch on your smartphone. Make sure that the device has an internet browser with current update, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple Safari.
  • You need a good internet connection, via a cable, WiFi or 4G.
  • You need the unique access link. You will receive this in the order confirmation email immediately after payment of your livestream ticket. Or you will receive this on the day of the livestream.
When will I receive the link or access code for the live stream?

Immediately after payment of your livestream tickets, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This contains the unique link or code to the stream.
Have you not received an email? Then check the spam or junk e-mail folder of your mailbox. Have you accidentally lost the email? Then contact kaart

From when can I watch the livestream?

The start time of the stream is stated in your confirmation email.
We recommend opening the page with the unique access link some time in advance so that you have enough time to make sure everything is working properly.

Can I watch the online stream at a later time?

No, you can currently only watch the live streams at the time of broadcast.

Can I pause the livestream?

Yes, that's possible. You can pause and resume the live stream.

Can I watch with other people?

You can use the unique access link on one device at a time. You can decide with how many people you watch.

I cannot find the unique access link. What can I do?

The unique link will be sent by e-mail to the address you provided immediately after purchasing your tickets.

Check the spam folder in case the email is there. If you cannot find the email, please contact us via WhatsApp (040-211 11 22). 

My link to the stream is not working. What can I do?

Did you click on the unique access link from your confirmation email? The code will then be automatically entered for you.
Does this not work? Then go to the streaming website and manually enter the access code. Make sure you have not made a typo.
If it still doesn't work, please contact us via WhatsApp .

Is support available during the stream?

Yes, for questions and problems we can be reached via WhatsApp (040-211 11 22).  

I don't see anything on the stream or the stream seems to have stopped. What can I do?

In most cases it helps to refresh the web page. You do this by clicking F5 (Windows) or Command / ⌘+ R (Mac) on the keyboard. Or use the icon visible in the browser (arrow) to refresh.
Then click on the 'start-stream' button again and then on the play button.

If this doesn't work, check the following:

  • Are you using the correct link to access the stream?
  • Check your internet connection
  • Has your browser been updated recently?
  • Are the cookies enabled in your browser?
  • Is the device battery sufficiently charged?
  • What often helps is to try a different browser or a completely different device. We recommend Google Chrome (but Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari are also supported.

Is the answer not there? Please contact us via WhatsApp (040-2 11 11 22).  

I can see the stream, but hear no sound. What should I do?

Check if the volume on your device is turned on. Also check the volume of the video player itself by moving your mouse to the bottom of the stream until the volume icon appears.
Are you casting (Chromecast / Apple TV)? Then check both the volume on the TV and the device from which the stream is sent.

How can I cast the stream with Chromecast / Apple Airplay on my TV?

It is possible to transfer the live stream to your TV through an HDMI cable between your laptop / computer and the TV. It is also possible to cast via Chromecast or Apple Airplay.

Casting via Chromecast
We recommend doing this from a laptop or desktop computer. Please note that Chromecasting only works from the Google Chrome browser. If you want to use a tablet or smartphone, make sure this is not an iPhone or iPad, but for example a Google Chromebook or another tablet with the Android / ChromeOS operating system from Google. Issues? Then take a look at this quick start guide from Google.
Do you want to cast from an iPhone or iPad? Then cast via an Apple Airplay / Apple TV.

Casting via Apple Airplay / TV
This works from your iPhone, iPad or Macbook. We advise not to do this via the "Synchronous display", but to click on the Apple Airplay icon from the video player. View the explanation from Apple itself here
Make sure your Apple TV is updated with the latest updates. More info from Apple


  • Check whether the device from which you want to cast (tablet, phone, laptop, desktop) is on the same WiFi network as your Chromecast and / or Apple TV.
  • Refresh the page on which the stream can be seen in your browser and then restart your Chromecast and / or Apple TV and try again.
Is your question not listed here?

Is your question not listed here?

Please contact us using the form below or send an email to
In urgent cases you can ask your question via WhatsApp (040-2 11 11 22)

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