Terugblik op de open dag 2023

Wat vond je van de open dag?

We zijn benieuwd hoe jij je bezoek aan de open dag van Parktheater Eindhoven hebt ervaren. Onder alle inzendingen verloten we vrijkaarten voor diverse theatervoorstellingen.  

Vul hier de vragenlijst in 

Tot snel in het Parktheater!

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Of bekijk hier het volledige programma van theaterseizoen 2023-2024

  • Herfst

    Ryan Djojokarso
    Sat 7 Oct ’23

    After his controversial performance WINTER/21/J and the hypnotic LENTE/22/K, the leading role in Ryan Djojokarso's third dance portrait HERFST is reserved for Death. A visually impressive crossover between dance, (opera) music, theater and imagery in which farewell rituals from different cultures come together. Every culture says goodbye to loved ones differently. From the slice of cake at the coffee table to an exuberant celebration of life. Rituals give passage to our grieving process.

  • 10 Year Anniversary - A Choir for Killjoys

    Club Gewalt
    Let's talk about Democracy
    Thu 2 Nov ’23
    Fri 3 Nov ’23

    Club Gewalt celebrates its ten year anniversary. Ten years full of love, art, rock ‘n’ roll and attending protests. Time to celebrate! A subdued birthday get-together morphs into a fiery arena where alternative forms of conflict are faced and fought out. A performance that acts as a killjoy by disturbing the peace - because peace is for political pussies and harmony is reserved for tone deaf fascists. Party of the decade: FOMO guaranteed.

  • In het wiel

    Leo Alkemade en de Kopgroep
    Thu 30 Nov ’23

    Leo Alkemade has found his way to the theater with an exceptionally strong band and a sung-in-Dutch, gem of a record under his arm. Of course, we know him from his cabaret performances, successful films and top-ratings shows, but in In het wiel, we get acquainted with a new side of Leo. Under the wings of Guus Meeuwis, Leo has already released a beautiful record of Dutch songs. About his love for the path and the path of love. In this theater concert, he sings about the parallel between cycling and life. About falling down and getting up, losing and winning, and looking back and looking ahead. Music at its best, or rather: at its Alkemadest.

  • Loulou & Lou en de Swingende Sinterklaasband

    Loulou & Lou!
    Sat 2 Dec ’23
    Sun 3 Dec ’23

    Loulou & Lou! Sinterklaas is back in the country! And what a festive visit it will be this year. Together we will dance, sing and roar with laughter along with the best Sinterklaas music. A musical performance for everyone from 3 years old and up, together with Loulou & Lou, their musical friends, and the one and only Sinterklaas band. An introduction to all styles of music, from jazz to classical, in a wonderfully festive December gift-wrapped package. The musicians of Loulou & Lou! make all kinds of children's music to conquer every child's heart.

  • MELK

    Mylène d’Anjou, Jonathan Demoor, Roben Mitchell e.a.
    Sat 9 Dec ’23

    No one is a mother by nature. You become it. With trial and error. MELK is a brave new musical about motherhood in all its facets. A candid musical full of courage and humor, created and told by a collective of explosive new talent. After seeing this 'mother breeding' musical, you’ll see your mother, yourself and that woman with the screaming child in an airplane through a totally different lens.

  • Ping Win

    House of Nouws
    Fri 29 Dec ’23

    Ping Win is a performance about change for toddlers, preschoolers and their adults. Ping Win lives in a black and white world where everything becomes penguin. Even the garbage seems to have a beak. Then suddenly, something colorful creeps into this black and white world. Everything changes all the time. Including you, too. As soon as you come into the world, you already start the change. And it can all be quite complicated as a toddler or preschooler. Are you changing? Or is only the rest changing? A performance of primary shapes and colors, especially created for our youngest audience group.

  • Wildbloei

    Valentina Tóth
    Fri 29 Mar ’24

    Valentina Tóth's first full-length performance is called Wildbloei, an ode to this hysterical woman. In her tragicomic, musical and #over the top# one-woman show, she explores the boundaries and clichés of the image of women in our society. Armed with a good dose of musicality, humor, quick transitions and fantastic characters, she keeps her audience in sight with #Wildbloei#, and hopefully generates a bit of sympathy. Or alienation. That’s fine too.

  • Met de beste bedoelingen

    Thijs van de Meeberg
    Fri 12 Apr ’24

    With the best of intentions, Thijs van de Meeberg dives straight in, looking for the answer to the question: how do I protect the peace? Thijs gets to work. Sturdy, clumsy and like an unguided missile. Anger is the only thing we still have in common. With the best of intentions, Thijs invites you to cherish that anger a little more with him. Met de beste bedoelingen is his fourth solo performance. He is praised for his clever story structure and great talent for improvisation.

  • La Traviata at The Dining Opera

    Thomas de Bruijn e.a.
    Thu 18 Apr ’24
    Sat 20 Apr ’24

    After The Dining Opera’s successful edition of Carmen, this upcoming edition will be dedicated to the most famous and dramatic opera of all time – La Traviata. Enjoy the highlights of Verdi's masterpiece paired with a delicious three-course Italian style dinner. The Dining Opera is ideal for discovering opera in an accessible way and also for enjoying a pleasant evening out with friends and family.

    • Tickets include dinner but exclude drinks.
  • Ver van je bed

    Annick Boer, Martijn Kardol, Renée de Gruijl e.a.
    Wed 15 May ’24

    When father suddenly leaves with the northern sun, tension within the family runs high. Who feels called upon to secure the future of the family business? The players take you through this humorous, brand-new cabaret musical about identity, the disappearance of social security, and the future of the planet. With comedians Annick Boer and Martijn Kardol, Renée de Gruijl, Mitch Wolterink and Bart van Veldhoven.

  • Peppa Pig Live! - Peppa op Avontuur

    Van Hoorne Entertainment
    Sun 2 Jun ’24

    Oink, oink! What is that now? The popular, cheerful pig Peppa Pig and her friends are returning to the theater with a brand-new family performance. Together with Peppa and her friends, you will experience the best outdoor adventure! During the performance, you can sing and dance along with cheerful songs and, of course, be delighted by colorful sets and the beautiful puppetry (even more beautiful and larger than before). Peppa will also come to the foyer after the performance for a photo and a big hug for you!

  • Helden van het Zuiden

    Björn van der Doelen, Leo Alkemade, Alissa May e.a.
    Exclusief in het Parktheater
    Fri 8 Sep ’23
    Sat 9 Sep ’23

    An intimate evening of music, conversations and stories. Led by Björn van der Doelen and his band de Huursoldaten, Leo Alkemade, Melissa Jansen, Sem Jansen and Leif de Leeuw and Stevie Ann give us their renditions of their favorite songs. After two successful editions, we are now going for the third! Helden van het Zuiden is a production by Parktheater Eindhoven, Theaterbureau de Mannen and Björn van der Doelen. 

Terugblik open dag

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