Especially for the kids

Are you dining at our restaurant with children? We give special attention to the little ones. 

Ik wil er wel wat bij...

Book our special children's package at all youth performances: the Ik wil er wel wat bij... - package as lunch. Depending on the time of the performance, the package is served before or afterwards (always around lunch time).

For children, the package consists of a lunch plate with a soup of the day, a mini sausage roll, frankfurters, poffertjes, small toasted sandwich and lemonade. Grown-ups enjoy a lunch plate with a soup of the day, a small salad, a luxurious sandwich and a snack (mini toast or mini sausage roll). Book the package immediately when ordering your tickets for the performance for € 8.50 (children) and € 12.50 (adults). 

Children's party

Would you like to organize a children's party or some other fun children’s activity in our restaurant? In combination with a performance, for example? It's all possible, just contact us to share your ideas:!