The Philipszaal is entirely at your service and can be used in many different ways. The hall has retractable gallery seating, which makes it possible to transition it from a classical theater hall to a flat-floor theater hall. Events, presentations, dinners, conventions, and even your 'anything imaginable' activities are heartily welcome in this hall. Thanks to the large window located on the side of the hall, it is even possible to integrate the beautiful park situated just outside the Parktheater building into this space, resulting in a boundary between inside and outdoors that is blurred. Depending on the layout requested, the Philipszaal can accommodate between 520 to 900 people

Useful information:

  • Modern technical equipment
  • Industrial appearance
  • Retractable gallery seating
  • Various room configuration formats
  • Hall can be visually reduced in size
  • Various catering possibilities