Parktheater Eindhoven is proud to have ANBI-C status. Organisations that perform charitable deeds and are recognised as charitable institutions (ANBI) are fully exempt from donation and inheritance taxes.

The common good

An ANBI organization is an ecclesiastical, philosophical, charitable, cultural, scientific or other institution that serves the common good. These organizations do not have to pay taxes on donations nor on payments they make toward the common good. These organisations also do not pay taxes on received inheritances.


As of January 1st, 2014, ANBI entities will have to publish a number of data online, and new conditions will be applied by the Tax and Customs Administration regarding conditions for holding the ANBI status. Stichting GeefGratis has now made it possible for all charitable organizations in the Netherlands to easily comply with this regulation by allowing them to publish their data for FREE. Click on this link to read more about the transparency status of Parktheater Eindhoven.

You can make a favorable tax donation to the Parktheater via one or more of the following websites:

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