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Here you will regularly find blogs and articles about the Parktheater that inform, inspire, learn or touch something.
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The Parktheater is more than a theater. Content conductor of Parktheater Eindhoven, Loes Barkema, regularly writes on topics that are current in the Parktheater.
Süheyla Yalçin
Süheyla Yalçin
Süheyla Yalçin is producer of the podcast Fufu & Dadels, editor at the Correspondent and freelance writer.

In the past she rarely went to the theater because many performances didn't really concern her. Now performances are much more diverse: underexposed stories, developed by makers of color, are also given a stage. They are productions that are relevant to a large audience, the Eindhoven audience.

With an intersectional and bi-cultural perspective, she analyzes productions that can be seen in the Parktheater. In her monthly blog series 'Do take this drama personal' she interviews creators, Süheyla describes what creations do to her and gives you a quick, easy list of all the reasons why you should see the piece.
Vitoria Visits
Vitoria Visits
Parktheater Eindhoven invited Vitoria Aquino to be an ambassador for dance performances. She will visit and share with her readers the best performances she has seen and explain why everyone should visit them. You can read her reviews in her blog Vitoria Visits. Vitoria is a Brazilian performing artist based in Eindhoven. She has her diplome in acting and is a dancer at heart. She earned her bachelor in Performing Arts (BR) and her master in Arts-Performing Public Space (NL). Nowadays she's a performer at The Espiral Artistic Collective in Eindhoven. Her blogs are written in English.

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