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Parktheater Eindhoven is more than just a hall with a stage. In addition to its featured performances, Parktheater is also a place to meet up with family, friends and colleagues. And a location full of business opportunities. It is a place to dine and have a drink, a place for presentations, and a place for great events. 

The Parktheater opens its doors safely and responsibly. We are slowly looking ahead and we can once again offer suitable support to business customers. Please feel free to contact us, we can be reached by e-mail and by telephone!

In this corona period, we find it very important to provide a safe environment for all visitors, employees, artists and companies. The Parktheater adheres to the measures taken by the RIVM, the National Government and the Safety Region and applies the protocols of the VSCD (trade association for theaters), NAPK (Dutch Association for Performing Arts) and KHN (Koninklijke Horeca Nederland).

040 - 2 156 125 or at 


Whether you want to give a small presentation, have a graduation ceremony, lecture, workshop, funeral or reception, organize a party or hold a conference or event. The Parktheater has a suitable space for every event and the required knowledge and resources to make it a succes.

Experience the magical world of theater with Parktheater Business. Three times a year a fully catered business evening with leading companies from the Brainport region. Offer your relations or employees an unforgettable theater evening at the Parktheater. More information

Customized group arrangement
Maak je groepsbezoek compleet
Customized group arrangement
With a group to the theater? In the Parktheater you can make your theater experience as complete as you wish.

A dinner in our restaurant Smaaktheater Dertien is a delicious choice, but an exclusive dinner on the stage is also an option. Treat your company to a have look behind the scenes. And what about an inspiration session with your team in a dressing room, followed by a visit to a performance.

Contact us for a tailor-made package: 040 - 2 156 125 or
Organize a party, conference or meeting?
Organize a party, conference or meeting?
We are happy to use our expertise to advise you on the design of an event. For example an impressive lighting plan for a party evening or enhance the content of a program, such as lecture, training or a workshop by an artist. A tailor-made theater piece is also possible.

Thinking differently, in consultation with the client, is what we like to do!
Stichting Quadrant is looking for like-minded people who want to meet up in an entertaining and relaxed atmosphere on four nights throughout the year. Quadrant is not just another networking club. Then what? For more information, visit
gO grOw groeigesprekspel

gO grOw conversation game 

The gO grOw conversation game was designed by Parktheater Eindhoven to improve communication between employees and employer. For those who do not communicate well with others, it gives a chance to start a conversation with each other. For those who are already regularly sitting at the table with others, it gives a chance to make personal improvements. And for those who already talk well and easily, it offers the opportunity to make improvements to society. The game is now available in both a Dutch and an English version. More information

Gilde Plus: learning, working, strengthening each other

Working together and learning from each other's strengths. This is the idea behind Gilde Plus, a modern version of the medieval guilds.
Parktheater Eindhoven and BuzzyChain are introducing this manner of working together in Eindhoven. At Gilde Plus in the Parktheater, jobseekers, entrepreneurs and freelancers are given opportunities to strengthen each other.


Just like in the guilds, craftsmanship is the key aspect. Gilde Plus is unique in that it does not limit itself to a single profession or craft, but rather brings together people from different disciplines. Sharing in each other's knowledge and experience evokes cross-pollination, resulting in members coming up with new ideas, and creating and working on new projects together. This ultimately leads to new partnerships and networks.

Come join us!

Every Friday afternoon at 12:30 pm, members (and aspiring members) of Parktheater’s Gilde Plus meet up for lunch in the Smaaktheater Dertien restaurant, located in the Parktheater. Everyone is welcome, and registration is not necessary.

Curious about getting involved? Come join us or contact Jacques Giesbertz: / 06-48336765 or check the site of Gilde Plus.

Flexible workspaces

BuzzyChain's Net(Anders)Werken concept brings theater and 'The New Way of Working' together. On every workday, the Parktheater hosts free workspaces and meeting spaces and rents out meeting rooms (for a fee), all situated in a theatrical environment. By doing so, Parktheater offers a cultural and creative breeding ground for self-employed people, theater makers and businesses and, in fact, anyone who simply wishes to work ‘away from the office’ every now and then.

More information about flexible workspaces/ Net(anders)werken

Performances for professionals
Thomas Erdbrink- Onze man in Teheran
Performances for professionals
Do you work in healthcare? In education or science? The theater often shows performances with a social or scientific theme that may suit your profession. View all performances with a professional theme by clicking the photo

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