Before, during and after a performance, we want to broaden and deepen your understanding, so that your visit becomes an unforgettable experience.

Parktheater Eindhoven wants to surprise, confuse, soothe and amaze you. Theater transports you into a magical world or gives you a different perspective on the real world. You’ll see things that stimulate your imagination, things that are beautiful, different or ugly, and things that can make you laugh, be astonished, or perhaps even make you feel uncomfortable. Theater does that to you.

Out of your bubble

Theater stimulates you to empathize with other people, to look at yourself in a different way. By doing so, you step out of your own 'bubble' in a creative way, and you become more open-minded. And this is exactly what is needed in order to become the best version of yourself, and likewise, the best version of this world.

More than you see

In theater, you’ll experience everything live, offline, and right in front of you. There are many forms of theater, from mere amusement to 'serious pleasure', from cabaret to lectures, from musicals to circus, from plays to urban dance. And there is much more in addition to what you see in these performances, such as interactive guided tours, workshops, lectures, educational material, Meet & Greets, and the list goes on...
Thus, before, during and after a performance, we’d love to broaden and deepen your experience, so that your visit to our theater becomes an unforgettable experience.

In motion

Children, youth, education and the world are constantly in motion. Therefore, we are also always in motion looking for new ways to attract young visitors. What you see on this website is, thus, never complete or finished.
We would be happy to discuss with you how we can better appeal to and provide for this special population. Please call or e-mail us with your questions and ideas!

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An important part of a visit to a children's show is that the experience is shared with family and other children.

Age indication

A minimum age is indicated in the descriptions for both children's and family performances. These age indications are based on the content and length of the performances, and on what is deemed is appropriate for certain ages. Children who do not meet the minimum age indication are often unable to understand the performance or concert or may find it too disturbing.

Children's festival & holidays

During the school holidays, there is often plenty to do and see for children. For example, there is an illustrated books festival (prentenboekjesfestival) during the autumn holidays. Children can look through the most beautiful illustrated books, make their own drawings and crafts, or have their faces painted representing their favorite picture book characters. During the Christmas holidays, we feature the Christmas Winter Circus (Kerstwintercircus) and host a variety of fun extras such as skating in the Grote Foyer. During the Open Day at the beginning of the theater season in September, there are also many fun activities specially planned for children.

Studio Doen

For a number of our children's performances, we offer StudioDoen one hour before the start of the performance. Are you between the ages of 2-10 years old? Then join StudioDoen and participate in a variety of activities such as crafting a nice gift, having your face painted or participating in a fun workshop, all of this provided by students of Summa College Zorg & Welzijn. The students will tailor the activities to the performances’ themes. StudioDoen is sure to get you in the right mood!

At Home with Theater

Here, you can find out what it takes to create a performance. Wander through the theater warehouse and look into the room of a writer, an actor, a designer and a director. Write your own play, play your own role and direct each other using the tips provided!

Lecture suitcase

Do you want to give a lecture about theater? At the Parktheater you can borrow a suitcase with everything for your talk! In this case you will find all kinds of information about the Parktheater and what is involved in a performance. There are also attributes in the suitcase, which are often used in the theater. Do you want to borrow the suitcase?

Do you want to borrow the suitcase?

Send an email to Jantine with your name, address, telephone number, age and the name of your school and class. 


& there’s more


Every year, several interns can be found working at the Parktheater. If you are interested in an internship, please contact us.

Be an extra

In some performances, amateur actors and/or extras are requested, or theater companies might ask for extra participation in some other way. Keep an eye on our social media for announcements!