Want to see a show that is suited to your profession?

Experience the power of theater as a professional.
Healthcare, education & development, science, innovation & technology, inclusiveness & connectedness.

Numerous companies and artists create performances based on social involvement. They deal with major questions relevant to today and the future. They show us varying perspectives, hold up a mirror to ourselves, or let us reflect on ourselves and the world. Experienced experts also perform on stage sometimes as artists and share their experiences with the audience.

At Parktheater Eindhoven, you can choose from among 485 performances. Quite a lot. Are you interested in a specific theme related to your profession? There is a good chance that you will find performances on this page that are relevant to your field and that can touch or inspire you as a professional or your work environment.

Each category below will lead you to performances that are directly or indirectly related to the subject.

Still looking for what might suit you best?  You can always call us for advice: 040 - 2 11 11 22.

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