What is thinX?
The Parktheater has taken on an exciting challenge to explore the future of theater and give shape to it now. In other words – "building the bridge, while you walk over it." This bridge to the future is necessary, because if we do not innovate today, there will be no tomorrow for theater.
In 2012, Parktheater introduced the innovation fund and project thinX: theater and innovation 10.0. A multitude of activities are being supported by this project – activities that are not only fun and beneficial to do now, but which also contribute to the future of theater, our knowledge and the potential impact going forward.

The artists
Talented young artists who merit a production and rehearsal site, can find one at the Parktheater. Artists who wish to break through from an alternative angle also find the Parktheater on their side.
During its first season, invited artists for thinX included Marcel Osterop, Kim Leeuw, André Grekhov and Leon van der Zanden. Subsequent seasons featured Leonie van Andel, Inge Wannet, Jeroens Clan and Oscar de Boer.

Since that time, a number of these former thinX artists have launched themselves into successful careers:

  • Kim Leeuw is now a creativity coach at GGzE working with clients as well as professional dancers.
  • Marcel Osterop is currently working on a large production which will premiere in September 2017.
  • Oscar de Boer and his Bende van Oz will be seen in the successful Bier & Liefde programs.
  • André Grekhov is continuing to collaborate with the Parktheater organizing Open Your Mind under the name Sample Culture. He is also dancing in the Best of the Fest production Other Tales from the Underground by Johnny Lloyd.

Theatre Season 2016/17
Some artists (Inge Wannet and Leonie van Andel) are returning this season with the thinX project, while others have just joined. Newcomers include Johnny Lloyd, Michèle Rijzewijk, Hanna van Mourik Broekman, The Ruggeds and Lisah Baert. All of these artists can be seen during the 2016/17 season.

The projects
In addition to providing guidance and support for young up-and-coming artists, there are many other activities supported by thinX, including: Best of the Fest festival, the RAAK-project, Weiland-projects, Geluk voor Eindhoven, live broadcasts in partnership with Vitalis Woonzorg Groep, and cooperation with Summa College and SintLucas and Dance for Health.

For more information and a look back at past activities, visit


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