Gilde Plus

Working together and learning from each other's strengths. This is the idea behind Gilde Plus, a modern version of the medieval guilds.
Parktheater Eindhoven and BuzzyChain are introducing this manner of working together in Eindhoven. At Gilde Plus in the Parktheater, jobseekers, entrepreneurs and freelancers are given opportunities to strengthen each other.

Just like in the guilds, craftsmanship is the key aspect. Gilde Plus is unique in that it does not limit itself to a single profession or craft, but rather brings together people from different disciplines. Sharing in each other's knowledge and experience evokes cross-pollination, resulting in members coming up with new ideas, and creating and working on new projects together. This ultimately leads to new partnerships and networks.

Come join us!
Every Friday afternoon at 12:30 pm, members (and aspiring members) of Parktheater’s Gilde Plus meet up for lunch in the Smaaktheater Dertien restaurant, located in the Parktheater. Everyone is welcome, and registration is not necessary.

This season Gilde Plus organises a couple of workshops.