De Lange Tafel

Meeting and socializing

Would you like to meet other people during your visit to the Parktheater? Then join us at De Lange Tafel in the Theatercafé, the meeting point to meet and socialize before the start, during the break and after a performance.

In recent years, the Parktheater, together with a number of volunteers, has made De Lange Tafel a household name in Eindhoven. Even nationally it has received the necessary attention and several theaters in the Netherlands have now embraced this idea. De Lange Tafel symbolizes the old-fashioned trunk table, a long table where everyone is welcome to join, for a pleasant chat about the performance and other matters.

Due to the corona crisis, and the associated RIVM rules, something has changed in the 20-21 season. Due to the limited capacity, it is only made clear at the last minute at which performances a volunteer will be present at De Lange Tafel. This will be communicated via the service e-mail that you receive a week before the start of the performance.

We hope, of course, that you will join this meeting table for a pleasant evening out even without the presence of a volunteer! Both the Theater Café and the Grote Foyer have a long table where you are most welcome.
Unfortunately, the number of places at De Lange Tafel is limited. Here too we have to take into account the 1.5 meter distance.

Would you like to know more about De Lange Tafel, or are you coming to the Parktheater for the first time and would you like to receive a personal explanation and be welcomed? No problem. We will arrange it.
Send an e-mail to: or contact the box office 040- 2 11 11 22).

One fine conversation one evening with strangers can turn the whole evening around and make it enjoyable.


For its program Mensenwerk Studio040 follows various people during their work. This also applies to Carla Evers, hostess and project leader of De Lange Tafel. Studio040 joined her one evening and made a nice reportage.

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