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The Parktheater is increasingly becoming an international theater where both locals and internationals feel at home. There is a broad selection of performances that are accessible to non-Dutch speakers.  

A wide range of non-speaking performances (such as dance and music shows) are accessible to expats and internationals. Additionally, for anyone who enjoys performances in English, we present a number of shows performed in the English language. For international children, performances with well-known TV characters are highly recommended because of their recognizability (e.g. Fireman Sam, Bumba).

International programming

Part of the Parktheater’s international programming includes performances that come from abroad. Inclusion of these performances is possible due to the Parktheater’s collaborations with companies and agents in the Netherlands and abroad.

Welcome to internationals

Parktheater values the importance of internationals, both in Eindhoven and the surrounding areas, being able to feel more at home in Eindhoven. That is why we organize a number of extra programs specifically for internationals:

The internationalization program resulted in the formation of the International Theatre Collective Eindhoven (ICTE), an amateur theater group of internationals/expats from Eindhoven.

We organize special pre-show introductions, discussions and guided tours, all in the English-language. Plus, a number of performances are performed with English surtitles. These shows will be announced later.

Selection of performances

Parktheater Eindhoven selects a large number of performances that come from abroad or are without spoken language, thus making them accessible to internationals. Language presents no obstacle to enjoying these performances. 

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