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  • De verrukkelijke kinderbakshow

    De Grote Haay
    Sun 10 Dec ’23

    Baking has never been as hip as it is now. Home-baker Rutger van den Broek (known from Heel Holland Bakt) and theater maker Mark Haayema will tell you everything about baking: from grain to white flour and from milk to butterfat cream. 

  • Kerstwintercircus 2023

    Editie 51
    Sat 23 Dec ’23
    Sun 31 Dec ’23
    The most fun family event in the Christmas holidays

    It is time for the 51st edition of the International Kerstwintercircus. Parktheater Eindhoven will once again transform into a real circus arena.

  • Tomaatje op je neus

    Arno Huibers
    Thu 28 Dec ’23
    Fri 29 Dec ’23

    From the first second, Arno takes you on a journey in his own universe. A journey from smile to laughter. With music, subtle humor, his phenomenal facial expressions and a tomato on his nose, he shows how magical the simplicity is.

  • Ping Win

    House of Nouws
    Fri 29 Dec ’23

    Ping Win is a performance about change for toddlers, preschoolers and their adults. Ping Win lives in a black and white world where everything becomes penguin. Even the garbage seems to have a beak. Then suddenly, something colorful creeps into this black and white world. Everything changes all the time. Including you, too. As soon as you come into the world, you already start the change. And it can all be quite complicated as a toddler or preschooler. Are you changing? Or is only the rest changing? A performance of primary shapes and colors, especially created for our youngest audience group.

  • Rappe en de Rots

    Tg. Winterberg
    Sat 6 Jan ’24

    The world is always 'on'. There is always something happening everywhere. Stimuli pop up at lightning speed and feed the hunger for more. Did you catch everything? Did you miss anything? Standing still is not an option because that is boring. Rappe en de Rots (4+) is a poetic performance featuring puppets and objects, rapid questions and long drawn-out answers. Multiple Silver Cricket award winner Marlyn Coetsier looks for the balance between running, flying, everything and nothing at all. Because somewhere in the middle, it is nice to linger.

  • The Neverending Story

    Filiaal theatermakers
    Sun 7 Jan ’24

    The Neverending Story is a performance for young and old, with live music and wonderful creatures.

  • Disney Winnie de Poeh

    Morssinkhof Terra Theaterproducties
    Sun 14 Jan ’24

    Disney's iconic Winnie the Pooh, Janneman (Christopher) Robinson, and their best friends Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roe, Rabbit and Owl (oh...and don't forget Tigger!) come to life in a beautifully imagined musical adaptation. 

  • Pinocchio Effect

    Scapino Ballet Rotterdam | Cecilia Moisio | Maas Theater en Dans
    Thu 18 Jan ’24
    Fri 19 Jan ’24

    Dance, theater, live video and revealing performances in a family production for everyone from 10 to 110 years old. Full of humor and seriousness about something we all do -- lie! Why do we lie, and what about? In Pinocchio Effect, the dancers live together as one family in a house full of secret rooms. The family members try to manipulate each other or escape from reality. Slowly their lies and truths come to light, and they show their true natures. Brace yourself for the worst show in the world!

  • Pietje Bell en de Bende van de Zwarte hand

    Rick Engelkes Producties
    Sun 21 Jan ’24

    Pietje Bell has a heart of gold, and through her cheerful adventures, the whole city is turned upside down. When one day a wealthy businessman decides to demolish a poor neighborhood, Pietje rebels. 

  • Gezocht: konijn

    Maas Theater en Dans
    Sat 27 Jan ’24

    Parents. You can't live with them, and you can’t live do without them. Oei oei bevolkingsgroei is a performance about upbringing and persistent role patterns.

  • Pech

    George & Eran Producties | Theater De Krakeling
    Sun 28 Jan ’24

    Why do some people have more chances than others? And why do some people always have bad luck and others don't? Bad luck by George & Eran Productions is a musical magic-realist family show about taking matters into your own hands and fighting an unfair system.

  • Kinderen van het Verdwenen Woud

    Duda Paiva Company
    Fri 16 Feb ’24

    There is magic in the rainforest, full of medicinal plants and whispering trees. Somewhere in Brazil, it has been heard that indigenous peoples have come into contact with a mythical creature. K

  • Nijntje de musical

    Nijntje en haar vriendjes
    25 okt: KinderTheaterWeek
    Sun 18 Feb ’24

    Who does not know Nijntje, The whole of the Netherlands loves this world-famous bunny. In a grand setting and with beautiful costumes, Nijntjes world is brought to life in the theatre. Experience the adventures of Nijntje and her friends and enjoy the new stories.

  • Dreumesconcert

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    A concert for fascinated ears, dancing feet and wiggly bottoms!

  • Blub!

    Krulmuziek, klassiek voor kleintjes
    Sun 3 Mar ’24

    Blub! Swim with us in the sea of music where the sounds of violin, viola and the great cello sway on the waves. Dive deeper and deeper to the sounds of classical water music together with the fish, seahorses, octopus and jellyfish.


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