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Je kunt me gerust een geheim vertellen

Matzer Theaterproducties
Tue 6 Sep ’22 15:00 and 20:30
Personal, musical, comforting and funny performance about dementia
Tue 6 Sep ’22
15:00 and 20:30

With Je kunt me gerust een geheim vertellen, theater maker Madeleine Matzer searches for answers to the many questions that exist around dealing with dementia.

A mother loses her compass. And her pranks.
A child does not have the instructions and goes looking.
In the fog, in the hilarity, in the grief and in the despair sometimes.
And in a time machine. There they find each other.
And they come closer than ever ...

In a personal, musical, comforting and funny performance, the side of a parent with dementia and that of her daughter is highlighted. For Je kunt me gerust een geheim vertellen Madeleine Matzer was inspired by her personal quest, when she had to learn to cope with her own mother's illness.

After the performance, a discussion takes place, with the theme: What is it like to lose someone who is still alive, bit by bit? Can you still find that person? And if so, where and how?

  • Blog  Loes Barkema: a hopeful story about dementia
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Our copywriter Loes Barkema was present at the text reading of the performance and wrote a blog: A hopeful story about dementia.

“Als je jezelf en je oordeel thuislaat, als je reageert vanuit het nu en als je de verbeelding toelaat, dan kun je prachtige ontmoetingen hebben. Zo kan deze ziekte ook een gezamenlijke reis zijn, en een hernieuwde kennismaking, intimiteit, contact, humor en mooie gesprekken opleveren.”

Madeleine Matzer


text & direction Madeleine Matzer / with thanks to Jibbe Willems / featuring Juul Vrijdag

On November 21, there was an interview with Madeleine Matzer in the Brabants Dagblad, Eindhovens Dagblad and BN De Stem.