U bent mijn moeder / Krapps laatste band

Het Nationale Theater
Fri 4 Dec ’20 20:00 - 21:45
Double bill with two intriguing theater toppers
Fri 4 Dec ’20
20:00 - 21:45
  • Fri 4 Dec ’20
    20:00 - 21:45
    Pauze 20:45
    Hertog Jan Zaal
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Erik Whien earlier directed Waiting for Godot and End Game, and now Jaap Spijkers appears in the director's third Beckett treasure, Krapp's laatste band (Krapp’s last tape). In addition, Rick Paul van Mulligen will deliver on stage Joop Admiraal's moving ode U bent mijn moeder (You're my mother) to his mother who is suffering from dementia. A double bill with two intriguing theater toppers.

Krapp's laatste band
All his life, the 69-year-old Krapp has always recorded the events of the past year on his birthday. This evening, he listens loudly to old recordings full of desires and ambition, before recording his last tape. “Just listened to that stupid bastard who was myself thirty years ago. Hard to believe I was ever that awful. Thank goodness that's over”. The press was extremely enthusiastic about the performance: “Jaap Spijkers is the ideal actor for this role” (Volkskrant ★★★★) and “Memorable images” (NRC Handelsblad ★★★★).

U bent mijn moeder
In 1981, Joop Admiraal wrote theater history with U bent mijn moeder, based on conversations he had with his demented mother in a nursing home. It was startling how Admiraal played both himself and his mother, making the performance a masterpiece of acting as well. Rick Paul van Mulligen has wanted to act out this script that is so dear to him for a long time; Noël Fischer had it on her wish list as well. Thus, they saw the opportunity. The press responded: "It is fascinating to see the transformation of Rick Paul van Mulligen" (Volkskrant ★★★★) and “Intriguing are all subtle gestures of old age.” (Theaterkrant)

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Krapp's laatste band
script Samuel Beckett / direction Erik Whien / acting Jaap Spijkers / translation Jacoba van Velde

U bent mijn moeder

script Joop Admiraal / direction Noël Fischer / acting Rick Paul van Mulligen

Erik Whien

Erik Whien is a Dutch director. He studied at the Maastricht Theater Academy. After graduating, he worked as a director at Toneelschuur Producties and as an actor at Toneelgroep Oostpool. Eindspel of his hand, played Theater Rotterdam was shown in Parktheater Eindhoven last season.

Jaap Spijkers

Jaap Spijkers has been part of Het Nationale Theater since 2009. He was born in Tilburg on February 11, 1958 and graduated from the Arnhem Theater School in 1988. Spijkers started his acting career with theater company De Trust led by Theu Boermans.

Samuel Beckett

Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906 - 1989) was an Irish novelist, dramatist, short story writer, theater director, poet and translator of literature. Living most of his adult life in Paris, he wrote in both French and English. His most famous work is Waiting for Godot.

Noël Fischer

Noël Fischer (1966) is the artistic director of HNTjong. Her performances are characterized by a physically raw, visual approach to groundbreaking, sometimes controversial subjects. In her work she undermines all fixed 'boxes' of gender, color and class. She finds her inspiration in the middle of society and she directs newly written texts in addition to current (youth) adaptations of existing theater repertoire.

Joop Admiraal

Joop Admiraal (1937 - 2006) was a Dutch actor, best known for his roles with Het Werkteater and Toneelgroep Amsterdam. Admiraal made his debut with the Nederlandse Comedie in 1959, but his breakthrough was not until 1971 at Het Werkteater, where he experimented with socially relevant pieces on location.

Rick Paul van Mulligen

Rick Paul van Mulligen joined the permanent actors ensemble of Het Nationale Theater in 2019. He was born in Uithuizen on September 28, 1981. In 2006 he graduated as an actor from Artez University of the Arts in Arnhem.