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Thu 17 Jun ’21 19:15 and 21:15
November 19 till 22 /January 22 moved to June 07 '21

A Medicine Show

Ashton Brothers
A cure for misery
Thu 17 Jun ’21
19:15 and 21:15

It was to be a brand-new show, after the great success of Ashtonia and a year of silence. Until the corona crisis brought preparations to an abrupt halt.

But sitting around and waiting is simply not in the Ashton DNA. Moving adeptly within the confined space that the Corona measures offer them, they developed a new theater concept. A complete night out with a colorful mix of music, acrobatics and straightforward magic. 

Rebellious, fearless, musical and hilarious. An unparalleled remedy against misery and loosely based on their successful performance Charlatans, a medicine show.


with Pim Muda, Joost Spijkers and Friso van Vemde

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